Thursday, February 23, 2012

Thoughts on the blog

Hey guys!
This is just an update on the blog, sort of like a state of the union address, except not.

First off, I would like to say that in sorry for using a lot of language in my last post. That was uncalled for, and from now on my blog will not use foul language or swearing.

You may also be wondering about why my blog has had two topics for the last couple of days, which is because I wanted to get a lot out there in those posts. From now on I'm going to start doing one topic posts two times a day (if time allows). If I don't have time one day, I'll only do one post.

Also, I didn't do a post yesterday because it was ash Wednesday and I thought I didn't have much to say. I was going to write about the differences between religion and religious figureheads, but I thought I would save that for another time.

Thanks for reading my blog, and I hope you'll stick around and read my thoughts on random phychological and philosophy subjects.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

$hatty remakes

ATTENTION: If you are under the age of 12, veiwer descretion is advised. This contains L: Language.

Sometimes, people think to themselves, "hey, I'm totes gunna make a model of a building." So they search if anything has been done like it before, and find that it's already been done. So they copy it.

Some people might think that copying something is the same thing as copying something. Which is totally not true.

Well, it is if you look at it as letters.. but, umm, shut the fhack up.

Anyway, copying something is not the same as copying something correctly or right. Like if you see a cool building and you're a contractor and you're all like "I'm totes gunna make that same building in a different place with the same look," and you make it and it looks like $hat, people who don't know the origional building are like "OMG that's sooo origional!" (no sarcasm) and people who have seen the origional building are like "ok, really?!?"

This also goes for people who take other peoples ideas for school projects or such. If they win the person who they stole it from is like "WTF?"

Please tell me you guys never steal from any people ideas or anything. That's a dick move.

For anyone.

Monday, February 20, 2012

Hotel Hospitality and Helpful tips for Homemade Security

What bugs me about hotel hospitality is that all of the maids or male people who do it (don't know the title for them, butlers maybe??) are known to steal stuff, which is so PMO.

For those of you who don't know, these are some abbreviations I just in y blog.

PMO: Pissing me off
GF: Girlfriend (self explanatory)
BF: See GF
BFF: Best friend
PRW: Parents are watching
BOE: Breaks of education

Sorry about any mix ups of abbreviations, I just thought I should get to those eventually.

But anyway, hotel hospitality robberies are actually on the rise in the past few years, my dad actually told a story where he took photos with a god camera, went to bed, and in the morning he woke up and the camera was gone (obviously someone affiliated with the hotel had come in the middle of the night and stolen it).

Because of this, I have made up a couple rules when visiting a hotel to keep in mind.

1: Always put valuables in the safe (of there is one) every day when hospitality comes. If there isn't a safe in your room, put them in a hard to reach location such as your bag or a closet that will be hard to have his going through.

2: Never use hotel phones if you can avoid it. Always either use a cell phone or find a pay phone. Pay phones are actually most always cheaper to use than hotel phones, as they only cost 35 cents, whereas a hotel call can cost $5. Even if you just want to call another hotel room, it's better to go there in person than waste $5 using a phone. Most of the time they're only a couple rooms away, anywho.

3: Always remember to lock the door to your room from the inside at night, because any person affiliated with the hotel can get a room key and come in there if the door isn't locked with that little latch thing. Better safe than sorry.

Alright, see you tomorrow loyal readers!


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Breaks from Education and Why can people not use airplanes properly?

In school, there is an AWESOME law that says that there must be breaks from education (winter break, summer break, mid-winter break) for students to go home and enjoy themselves. But what this law does not say is that teachers can still assign homework during this period of time.

Which is a TERRIBLE loophole.

If it's called a break from school (more importantly, education), teachers shouldn't be able to assign homework, as this is still education.

This law needs to be changed.

Anyway... It's mid-winter break! Yay!

At the moment, I'm in San Francisco enjoying the sunny (but cold) weather. San Francisco is pretty awesome, this is the first time I've been here. The weather is nice apart from the cold breeze, and the plane ride was awesome. It would not have been awesome if I hadn't brought my noise canceling headphones.

Why can't parents not let their children scream on planes? Is that too hard? Plus, there were some obviously drunk people there, mostly given away by the falling down in the isles and slurred speech wile talking to the attendants for more gin.


Please tell me that none of my readers gets drunk on airplanes. Seriously, WTF?

Thursday, October 20, 2011

I shouldn't have

Why did I have to do this kind of thing again? I'd already been hurt before. How did I think that this time would be any different?

So I just had a nervous breakdown.

Where's the love, people? Come on. It's not that hard to recognize (at least) the person who loves you. What in Gods name was I thinking?

This was the first time I had liked someone so much, that I told her upfront. I will probably never do that again. Keep in mind, this was last summer.

If you have ANY ideas of how to break the silence, PLEASE leave a comment on this post or email me at


Friday, October 7, 2011


I haven't posted in a while, so I thought it would be time to start again. That good?
Basketball has just started here, and it is AWESOME!
I had to do 25 pushups for missing a shot. :P
It was fun though. Also, another thing, my Minecraft server has been down a long time. I know... it's bad... but I think I found out what's wrong with it.
The awesome world file?
It's corrupted!
Yeah, so it will be back up i a bit, but until then, I need to put in a new world file, which SUCKS, but it has to be done for the people in my server.


Friday, March 4, 2011

The Respiratory System

Normally I won't post about the state of my blog, but I think this is a good info lesson for all you new viewers of my blog.

Just to let you know, my blog is mostly about my thoughts, not anyone else, but today I think I have made an exception.

As you may have known, I am doing a project in Life Skills where I am making a presentation on the Respiratory System, and I think I'll post a little bit about it.

If you want to see more, go to the WebsSite at

The Respiratory System is made up of the lungs.  The lungs transfer air into the other parts of the body.

That's about it.

I think this has been a REALLY BORING ENTRY, and I will post another time today because of it.